2020-2021 Trinity Scholars Program Scholarship Recipients Announced

We are honored to announce the five scholarship recipients for this year's Trinity Scholars Program (TSP) - the multi-year scholarship initiative providing financial support, vocational guidance, and professional coaching.

 Chosen from more than 50 applicant submissions, five exceptional students will receive the unique benefits of this world-class scholarship:

• $10,000 in need-based support per academic year. Unlike many scholarship programs that offer first- year-only assistance, the TSP scholarship is renewable for up to four years of college or a maximum of$40,000.

• Access to PathwayU, the award-winning online vocation, and education assessment program. Using validated assessments and predictive analytics, PathwayU matches students with potential careers and majors that fit each student's unique and diverse vocational gifts.

• Personalized professional coaching. Coaches help students understand and navigate the PathwayU outcomes, assess career opportunities, and help them navigate the unique challenges of the college experience. Coaching includes things like time management, transitioning from high school to college, conflict resolution, creative problem solving, and choosing the right major. By Junior and Senior year, coaches help with resume development, interview coaching, researching companies, finding internships, and college-to-career transition planning.



Laurel  Bice: Nursing - Seattle Pacific University


"Earning  my BSN from a Christian college will allow me to fully pursue my dream. I  will be able to build relationships with my professors and classmates, be  fully immersed in my learning, grow in my faith, and continue to discover  God’s plan for me. Nursing is a calling that requires both science and faith  to create a strong foundation. My relationship with Christ will be the  cornerstone upon which I build my nursing career and life."





Sitate Gelgelu: Nursing - George  Fox University


"As  a first-generation college student, I hope to bring my calling to fruition by  graduating with a Bachelors of nursing degree in 2024, working at Legacy  Emanuel Hospital for two years, earning a Doctorate of nursing by 2031 and  subsequently returning to Ethiopia to open a medical health clinic. With the powerful quotes “you must be the change you wish to see in this world,” and  “with education comes freedom, and that freedom brings responsibility,"  in mind, I look forward to completing my imperative calling."





Sophia  Komarek: English - George Fox University


"I  desire to inspire those around me, especially through teaching, and to share  the joy of learning with the next generation! I believe George Fox and its  honors program is the perfect opportunity to grow in my faith and pursue  teaching in a safe, Christ-focused environment. I am excited about how it  will shape and challenge me! Above all, my largest calling in life is to  follow Jesus wherever He may lead me, to actively engage in a relationship  with Him, and to love him and others in every facet of my life!"





Grace Livingston: Civil Engineering  - George Fox University


"It was not until high school  that I started to develop a clearer picture of what service might look like.  In the 9th grade, I designed a way to transport a biosand filtration system  to communities affected by natural disasters using a standard shipping  container. That was when I realized I had come across something that I not  only loved to do but could do to serve others. Since then, I have presented  my design to organizations like Rotary to raise money to build a working  prototype and have written a 4,000-word research paper on possible  improvements to the system."




Emma  Rodriguez: Biology Major/Music Performance Minor - George Fox University


"God  has created me with a passion for taking care of livestock and a love of  science. From a young age, I have been responsible for taking care of the  family livestock and love attending to their needs. I am eager to learn how  best to heal their ailments and find joy in seeing them return to health.  This has led me to seek a pre-medicine/veterinary degree with the hope to use  my career to serve others in the local community and through short-term  missions."