We are honored to announce the recipients of the new Trinity Graduate Leadership Scholarship for the2022-2023 Academic Year. Three exceptional students pursuing a Masters Degree will receive $5,000 in need-based support per academic year for up to two years - the typical length of a graduate program. The two-year commitment is dependent on enrollment status at the time of the award.

The field of Leadership explores the many contexts in which human and organizational performance intersect - preparing the graduate for work in for-profit companies, consulting firms, nonprofit organizations, government entities, and educational agencies to name a few. Majors for this scholarship include things like the traditional MBA, Organizational Leadership, Ministry, Accountancy, Education, Data Analytics, Nursing, and Information Technology.These graduate-level degree programs are designed to unlock the scholar's potential as an innovator and leader, helping them understand the complex educational, political, social, fiscal, and moral dimensions of an organization.


David Castaneda Masters of Art in Global Development and Justice

David Castaneda: Masters  of Art in Global Development and Justice - Multnomah University, Portland, OR

I  have been practicing and working in the field of humanitarian and  international development for the last 15 years. From working at a  medium-sized NGO’s headquarter office to fieldwork and direct implementation  of programs and activities I have been able to gain practical experience in  this arena through in-house training, conferences, workshops, as well as on-the-job training.  Serving vulnerable communities, looking for ways to bring holistic  transformation, as well as advocating and working for justice is a passion of  mine, and particularly in this day and time, there is a particular need for  people to engage in such professional work and vocation. My desire to  continue working in this field pushed me to pursue the M.A. in Global  Development and Justice (MAGDJ) at Multnomah University. Not only the  educational and theoretical learning is important to improve skills but also  the ability to refresh and gain new perspectives from professors and other  students in order to challenge ideas, and concepts, and consider other ways  to serve the needs of vulnerable communities participating and benefiting  from projects. Through my years in this field, I have been able to grow and  be involved in leadership and supervisory roles, however, being able to get  formal training and firm up knowledge and concepts to continue improving on  those capacities is important as well.

Karly Joseph Masters of Business Administration
Karly Joseph       Masters of Business Administration

Karly Joseph: Masters of Business Administration - George Fox University, Portland, OR

Seven years ago I accomplished what felt like the impossible and graduated with my Bachelor's degree. I overcame tremendous hardships and challenges to get to that point and I attribute the ability to play sports in college as the driving factor to my completion. If you had asked me then if I would ever pursue a graduate degree I would have laughed, not thinking that I was smart enough or capable of such a feat. In the seven years since then, I started my career working for nonprofit organizations and quickly discovered a confidence and passion for my career built around the foundation of helping others. For the first time in my life, I discovered that I was good at something other than Basketball. I worked hard, treated others with respect, produced quality work and committed myself to a spirit of constant learning and growth, and grew into incredible leadership opportunities early in my career. As I look to and prepare for the next steps in my career, I decided to pursue an MBA to be more equipped as a leader. I'm not one to do a job halfway and knew if I wanted to be a best-in-class leader,I would need to invest in a best-in-class leadership program and that's why I chose George Fox University.

Carly Klappenbach  Masters of Arts in Christian Leadership

Ever since I was little, family and friends have pointed out that they see me as a natural leader. That being said, God has revealed to me the areas in leadership in which I loved because of attention, control, and pride. Since being in ministry and pursuing a graduate leadership degree, I am learning how much Jesus type leadership is not about attention, control, and pride. Rather,Jesus’ model of leadership is that of servant hood, trust, and humility. Though I constantly struggle with this paradigm shift of leadership, my heart’s desire is to go wherever God calls me and in turn, become a leader that follows Jesus’ model of servant leadership.

The vision of the Trinity Education Foundation is to see graduates embark on meaningful vocations and constructively impact their communities in response to Christ’s calling to lives of service and stewardship.