Exploring the Christian Universities of the Pacific Northwest

Christian University means something different to every person. For some, it is a place for seeking knowledge with guidance and support in a Christian light. For others, it is a Christ-centered environment with like-minded individuals seeking to be molded into servants of God’s will. Others seek a nondenominational space for expanding their understanding of the world. Luckily, each Christian university has its own core values and mission, each one offering a different path.

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Christian Universities in the Pacific Northwest

Seattle University fountain with dogs

Seattle University

The most popular Christian university in the Pacific Northwest, SU, is a Jesuit Catholic university in the heart of downtown Seattle. Their mantra is to “lead a life empowered to serve others and a just and humane world.” Recognized by the Wall Street Journal, U.S. News, and The Princeton Review, the university has a reputation for having a withstanding undergraduate program, especially in macroeconomics, legal writing, clinical training, and accounting.  

George Fox University

This Oregon university has spread its wings to Portland, Salem, Redmond, and Newberg. The non-denominational space dares you to “deepen your spiritual walk and pursue your passion to serve in an encouraging, Christ-centered environment.” The college has been recognized by Forbes as one of the best Christian colleges in the country, providing a supportive community and personal encouragement for growth. It is recognized by Money Magazine, Washington Monthly, and The Princeton Review as one of the best value universities.

Carroll College

Guided by Catholic diocesan doctrine, Carroll opens its doors to members of all religious faiths and all persons of goodwill. As the value statement reads, “We engage many perspectives, including those outside our own, with empathy and generosity,” and “We affirm that faith and reason are complementary in the search for truth and intrinsic to a Catholic education.” The liberal arts university leads all of its students to pursue an eclectic education in a variety of fields in order to enrich their understanding of the world around them.  

Seattle Pacific University

As a non-denominational Christian university, SPU encourages self-reflection and respectful discussion guided by a shared commitment to Christ. The undergraduate program at SPU can be extremely rigorous, giving students hands-on experience working alongside faculty and introducing students to internships at world-renowned companies. 90% of applicants from SPU are accepted into graduate health programs, making it one of the most promising pre-med schools in the country.

Northwest Nazarene University

The most popular Christian college in Idaho, NNU is built on Nazarene Evangelical faith. As the mission statement reads, “NNU education instills habits of heart, soul, mind and strength to enable each student to become God's creative and redemptive agent in the world.” The university has been recognized by The Princeton Review and U.S. News for its masters-level programs and overall value.

Each Christian university varies in what it offers both in terms of education and spirituality.