Mother's Day - More Than a Celebration

Did you know that this 106-year-old holiday started as an anti-war movement in the 1850's? It started as a Mother's Day work club to address the issues associated with infant mortality, mourn the loss of sons who died in the Civil War, and tend to wounded soldiers on both sides of the war.  It didn't become an official U.S. holiday until 1914 and even then, the woman who advocated for a quiet personal recognition of individual mother's, could not stop what has become a global celebration. In essence, Mother's Day was meant for mom's to come together to share their sorrows, serve others and then be honored quietly by their families for the work they did.

Watching the morning news I'm struck by the fact that we are currently dealing with a significant amount of civil unrest in our country as we attempt to navigate Covid-19 and the devastating affects we are facing. As Mother's Day approaches, I propose we take a cue from the original Mother's Day work club.

We can mourn our losses or those of family/friends - personally and professionally; we can find strength among our shared experience; and we can tend to the "wounded" on both sides of the unrest. Honoring mom this coming Sunday can become our own "modern day anti-war" movement. We can choose to "lay down arms" (aka: Facebook and Twitter rants) and recognize all the special Mom's in our lives - whether it's your mother, grandma, sister, aunt or an amazing friend!

The scholars you support come from homes where most mom's play a significant role in ensuring their son and/or daughter have better opportunities than they had. Many mom's work two or more jobs or take on double shifts (with some being out of work because of Covid-19); they take care of the household; they are now homeschooling younger siblings; and trying to maintain their own strength to keep everyone and everything moving forward. The hope of their adult children finishing college is now at stake because of the Covid-19 financial impact to Higher Education. You can help put their fears to rest.

HONOR The Special Women in Your Life...

...who have instilled foundational values, character, and faith in you, with a unique Mother's Day dedicated gift. You're investing in the future and saying THANK YOU to all the mom's giving everything they have to support their families.
When you donate, we'll send a personalized e-card to let her know how special she is to you and the lasting impact your donation will have.