Announcing the 2020-2021 Seminary Scholarship Awardees

We are honored to announce the recipients of the Trinity Seminary Scholarship forthe 2020-2021 Academic Year. Chosen from more than 20 applications, three exceptional students will receive the scholarship thanks to your continued support and investment in their lives.

The Foundation offers a Seminary Scholarship in keeping with the purpose and history of Lutheran Bible Institute Seattle/Trinity Lutheran College, supporting those called to a life of service through full-time and lay ministry. The scholarships you support are awarded ona yearly basis to individuals attending Christian Seminaries throughout the United States for tuition and related expenses.

The number of scholarships and the amount granted is determined by the Board of Trustees as part of a yearly strategic planning process.

Thank you for making it possible for these individuals to pursue their highest calling.

Sean Baker Concordia Seminary St.  Louis, MO

"Even before  I knew what I wanted to do as a career, I knew it had to involve some sort of  service; it would have to be a career where my job would be to help others. This is part of the reason I  was drawn to seminary, along with other people from my home church, college  professors, and friends who all encouraged me to be a pastor. That’s the joy  of being a pastor! Pastors not only help people physically but also  spiritually. Their job is to point others to the Ultimate Helper, Jesus, the  Savior of the Universe! There is no greater joy than telling others about  Him. It doesn’t get much better than this!"

Nathan Samayo Harvard University School of Divinity Cambridge, MA

"I could have ended my educational journey with my bachelor's degree, but there is something larger I am called into: to think of theology and its presence in the world critically. I am passionate to learn more about the intersection of these human experiences and Christianity, which will equip me to be a better minister and teacher. Therefore, I feel called into pastoral work within urban communities, especially in the community I grew up in since I am aware of its needs. I also plan to pursue my PhD to become a theology professor teaching homiletics and pastoral care."

Esther Sianipar Luther Seminary St.Paul, MN

"This is what God wants me to do in His church as a pastor: To congregate our members regardless of their conditions and social status as one body of Christ. I am learning from teaching our young students about Luther’s Catechisms, listening to our women’s group on the struggles they face and how God dwelled in their lives, laughing with a 100 years old beautiful woman inher senior facility apartment, assisting the Holy Communion to the congregation, sharing peace to each other and taking the time to listen to them, learning about running a stewardship campaign by calling the congregation to live up as stewards to dwelling in the God's Word and having them share their stories on how Jesus impacted their lives. The most rewarding ministry that I did was preaching to the congregation at the pew and online during this pandemic of covid-19. I experience joy, hope, and victory of God's Word upon us and related them to my own experiences."