Pastor. Professor. Paddler. Poet.

That’s Dave Ellingson.

He’s a former professor at Trinity Lutheran College, the author of several books, and a popular speaker at churches, colleges and other venues.

Dave Ellingson - The Paddle Pilgrim

Dave’s strong faith and passionate devotion to God’s creation have inspired admirers around the globe. His former students, together with followers of his Paddle Pilgrim journeys, began a scholarship fund to help students gain the education they’ll need to impact their world.

The Dave Ellingson Scholarship for Environmental Studies and Social Justice is enabling a new generation of students to fulfill their life calling and pursue their passion.

Not long ago, Dave felt inspired to visit Norway, the land of his ancestors.  Along with a devoted crew of kayakers, he spent days paddling through the fjords, soaking in the majestic beauty of Norway’s mountains, streams and waterfalls.  Their journey was awe-inspiring and difficult. But as Dave discovered, there are often people of good will who come along to help at just the right time.

We can’t all paddle the fjords of Norway, but we can be a Fjord Angel to others who are just embarking on their life’s journey—by contributing to the Dave Ellingson Scholarship.

Be one of Dave's Fjord Angels  - Join the Journey Today!