We are honored to announce the 2022-2023 scholarship recipients for this year's Trinity Scholars Program (TSP) - the multi-year scholarship initiative providing financial support, vocational guidance, and professional coaching. Chosen from 105 applicant submissions, 12 exceptional students will receive the unique benefits of this world-class scholarship:

• $10,000 in need-based support per academic year. Unlike many scholarship programs that offer first-year-only assistance, the TSP scholarship is renewable for up to four years of college or a maximum of $40,000.

• Access to PathwayU, the award-winning online vocation, and education assessment program. Using validated assessments and predictive analytics, PathwayU matches students with potential careers and majors that fit each student's unique and diverse vocational giftings.

• Personalized professional coaching. Coaches help students understand and navigate the PathwayU outcomes, assess career opportunities, and help them navigate the unique challenges of the college experience. Coaching includes things like time management, transitioning from high school to college, conflict resolution, creative problem solving, and choosing the right major. By Junior and Senior year, coaches help with resume development, interview coaching, researching companies, finding internships, and college-to-career transition planning.


Khursten "Ace" Adolfo: Nursing Major - Saint Martins University, Lacy, WA
"My life goals include earning my Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, passing the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX) and being a Registered Nurse, then earning a Master of Science degree in Nursing, and returning home to Hawaii, to open a clinic in my hometown. During my first year at Saint Martin’s University, I majored in Business Administration. However, after months of discernment, I decided to switch to nursing because it aligned with my passion for helping people heal. Now, as a Junior Nursing student at SMU, I have gained valuable experience at a geriatric care facility which helped me realize how much I treasure one-on-one interactions with patients. My affinity for science, and passion to help people heal inclined me to pursue Nursing because I recognized that this combination allows me the ability to keep growing and learning while positively impacting other people. My understanding of “calling” refers to the purpose I believe God set for me, which is to help people heal emotionally, spiritually, or physically."

Kaelie Allan: Nursing Major - Pacific Luthern University, Tacoma, WA
"Throughout my childhood, I received medical treatment from a nurse practitioner whose compassion, kindness, and level of care first inspired an interest in nursing. My passion for nursing grew as I took higher-level science classes, began volunteering at free community medical clinics, and became an ambassador at Good Samaritan Hospital. These experiences deepened my interest in nursing and affirmed that this is my calling; It is the perfect combination of science and compassion. I believe this vocation will allow me to use the gifts God has given me to serve others as I grow personally and relationally."

Ellie Arzie: Kinesiology Major - Bushnell University, Eugene, OR
It was after working with physical therapists after a shoulder injury that I began to develop an appreciation for their craft and how it matched my own gifting and personality. I love helping people be the best versions of themselves and being able to care for and love them in that way. So a major of Kinesiology just felt like the perfect fit. I am pursuing a career that fits my personality and the skill set that God gave me and I want to use my time to better serve Him and His plan. I want to continue to learn how I can use my strengths to do what God has for me and continue to figure out His plan is for my life.

Shaylee Cooper: Nursing Major George Fox University, Portland, OR
"Caring for others has made me who I am today. Before I was born my uncle was paralyzed in a football accident. Growing up, my mother and I would go to my uncle's house every day to help him complete daily tasks. Through assisting him, I gained a passion that helped me realize my call to nursing. I want a job that is challenging, rewarding and makes an impact on people's lives. One of my passions is leadership. Just like nursing, leadership involves other people and the reward that will come once your goal is accomplished. I am currently a sophomore and plan to graduate from George Fox University in 2024."

Ashley Crawford: Secondary Education Major - Whitworth University, Spokane, WA
"I believe I am called to pursue not just a job but a vocation where I can share God’s love and my God-given talents to positively impact others. In regard to specific life goals, I feel called to attend college, major in history and education, and become a teacher. I have always been captivated by historical time periods and how our society came to be. This interest was kindled by teachers who shared their intrigue for history in eighth-grade U.S. History and eleventh-grade AP U.S. In eleventh and twelfth-grade, one of my teachers/mentors taught me the basics of teaching and enabled me to guest teach in a few classes. Through this experience and volunteering with children, I believe God is calling me to use those passions to invest in the lives of students so they can be empowered to unravel their own passions."

Jack Flitter: Cinematic Arts Major - George Fox University, Portland, OR
"At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, I had a lot of feelings of stress, boredom, and lack of purpose. I was given the opportunity to start a volunteer job at my church helping to run the online version of their services. I was put in charge of directing and maintaining the live services. The only thing I knew about videography was from my mom, who happened to be a director on HGTV before I was born. I was mentored by others at the church and it has inspired my passion for video production and it is now my major at my college. In the future, I want to continue to use my talents to help promote non-profit organizations that help the less fortunate and to spread their messages. I believe my calling is to use my talents in videography to help those who are less fortunate than me. I want to spread kindness in my community through my work."

Marlee Heiken: Counseling Major - Bushnell University, Eugene, OR
"For the last two years, I have felt a strong calling to be an advocate for the unborn. I do a lot of Pro-Life advocation, and I really enjoy it. Through that path, I have learned a lot about the current foster care system, and it breaks my heart that kids who were created in God's image are being abused and overlooked in foster care. My goal is to be a Christian counselor for teenagers. I am in the process of registering my golden retriever Mercy as a therapy dog, and I know that I would like to involve her in my job and with the youth. As a general life “calling,” I feel led to be a foster parent for older kids and teenagers. In foster care, the older you get, the harder it becomes for you to be placed in a safe foster home and/or to be adopted. I would like to make a difference in those kids' lives and give them stability and support to show them God’s love."

Kassi Jimenez: Biomedical Engineering Major - George Fox University, Portland, OR
"I plan on going into research and development to help stop addiction. For as long as I've lived addiction has affected my family. Because of addiction not only I but thousands of people are robbed of their childhoods, a healthy family dynamic, and even the life of a loved one. I am already passionate about educating the people around me about addiction and breaking the stigma our society has built around it. I have always felt inclined to make a difference in the world yet have never quite known how. By combining my past life struggles and my future degree I intend to save lives and even communities. I am adamant about saving others from having to overcome the same obstacles I have."

Olivia Mancinelli: Social Work Major - Northwest Nazarene University, Nampa, ID
"I feel the call to work with survivors of human trafficking and sexual abuse - to help those who have been hurt by the hands of humans and to let them know that healing is found in the hands of the Father. I want to take this work globally, educating children around the world about how God calls their bodies a temple, and that means that sexual abuse is not acceptable. The most important goal to me is to turn victims into survivors through the power of Christ. A victim lives in the shame of their abuse. A survivor knows that God calls them pure. A victim submits to their weakness. A survivor acknowledges their weakness but is made strong in Christ. I have been both a victim and a survivor, and I know that true healing is found in Christ."

Grace Oster: Elementary Education Major - Whitworth University, Spokane, WA
"My earliest memories took place at my mom's school. Like my mom, I feel a strong calling to use the gifts God has given me; I want to develop those gifts, grow into a strong and effective educator, and become a reflection of God's love in the classroom. This year, as we studied the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, I felt reassured in my vocational choice. Once I saw the declining statistics, coupled with the fourth goal of 'ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all', it moved me to action. I want to become a loving and effective teacher who equips students with the reading skills they need to thrive."

Ashley Stephen: Information Systems & English Major - Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA
"I come from Nairobi, Kenya where we do not have much, but we do strive to be better and help one another out. With that as a constant reminder, I always try my best and not give up because my mother always tells me that this is a harsh world and that going through tough times is how one grows and learns. Without experience, there is no growth. An experience that has shaped my current plans is basically how and where I was raised. I do not come from money but that never stopped me from trying to achieve more and make my mother proud. She raised me all by herself and did a good job at it. She sacrificed what would have been a groundbreaking opportunity to raise me and make sure I was not short of anything. Even to this day, she overworks herself to provide, and I want to change that. I believe my calling in life is to make sure my mother is taken care of and that making her proud will all be worth the struggles she went through."

Alicia Salazar Wells: Nursing Major - George Fox University, Portland, OR
"I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. After becoming a Registered Nurse, I would like to obtain a job at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon, and apply to their Family Nurse Practitioner Program. Nursing is a very selfless profession and that is what grasps my attention the most about the health care specialty. I believe true happiness comes from serving others. I have always aspired to be working in the medical field because I want to help support people through whatever they may be facing - from simple situations to severe ones. I strive to provide those around me with the best possible care that I am capable of. I know that when I can see even one person’s day brighten, it leaves me feeling accomplished; this is how I want to feel for the rest of my life."

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