Where to Donate: Find Your Calling

When we try to examine the world at large, our sight tends to narrow on the negative: faraway, war-torn countries filled with hungry children, the environment in peril, and America fallen into decay. Believe it or not, our tendency to focus on the bad is a mixed blessing. It means we want to help the world get better. If each individual finds the courage to help in their own way, the results will be spectacular.

Finding Where to Donate

Choosing where to donate begins with a simple question: What changes would you like to see in the world? More than one thing may come to mind, and that’s okay! Write down a list of 1 to 5 changes you would like to support. Keep in mind this list may change as you continue to explore the possibilities. The next step is to find a charitable organization you can trust to enact change using your donation.

You may be asking yourself, “It’s just money. Am I really helping?” We have a tendency to forget where money comes from: hard work, production, investment, and sacrifice. Just like in the trade system of old, you are choosing to give away something of value so it can be used in the name of something good and pure.

Donate to Reputable Organizations

How do you know where your money is going? Explore the CharityWatch recommendations: all groups that spend 75% or more of their budgets on charitable work and spend $25 or less to garner $100 in public support. Examine their top recommended organizations in every category.

About Our Program

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