Our Coaches

Coaching is one way we build a tangible support system around our scholars, and we are delighted to introduce our coaching team to you. Undergraduate students who receive personal coaching are more likely to persist in college and complete their degree*, especially those who come from #CommunitiesOfHope. All the scholarship dollars in the world will not make a difference if the student does not have the support to successfully navigate and complete college.
*Loyola University Case Study with Inside Track

Shannon Wallis, MBA, PCC, Cascade Leadership

Coach Manager

Shannon Wallis of Cascade Leadership is TSP's Coach Manager. She is a business acceleration consultant and coach who works with leaders to create strategies and build capabilities that achieve results. Prior to founding Cascade Leadership, Shannon was the global director of high-potential leadership development at Microsoft and the chief architect of an award-winning international leadership program. Shannon believes anything is possible, and change is a series of baby steps taken along a path to transformation. In her new book, WE the Change: Launching Big Ideas and Creating New Realities, Shannon chronicles her adventure of having walked 500 miles across Spain without any prior hiking experience. WE the Change provides a road map for anyone yearning to transform their life, organization, or community.

“Humbled. Joyful. Grateful. Woke! These are the emotions I regularly feel when working with the Trinity Scholars. My work with the Foundation and the Scholars is deeply meaningful for me. The pressures students from under-served and financially challenged backgrounds experience as they enter college goes well beyond paying for it. I know. I was one of them. The pressure to fit in with people from vastly different socioeconomic backgrounds as well as navigating courses, majors, and ultimately job interviews when you are the first person in your family to attend college is significant. I am grateful the Foundation thought bigger than just financial support and considered the souls of its scholars. I am so proud to be a Trinity Education Foundation coach.”‍
Patty Miller, CPHR, MillerNet HR & Business Solutions


Patty Miller has 20+ years is a Senior HR Executive and Leadership Coach. Patty's experience is perfect for scholars, especially as they approach college's junior and senior years. She helps them create a noticeable resume and LinkedIn profile while providing mock interviews to ensure interview readiness.

“It has been my honor to be part of the coaching team for three years. Think back to when you were 20 years old. How amazing would it be to have access to someone who provided a psychologically safe space where you could speak to life concerns? I gently challenge thought processes related to negative thinking and behaviors to support students academically, socially, and spiritually. What is truly extraordinary is that I learn from them as they learn from me.”
Erik Samuelson, M.Div., M.A., PCC

Erik Samuelson, PCC, is a leadership, vocation, and transformation coach who works with individuals, teams, companies, churches, non-profits, and educational institutions. Erik holds the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coaching Federation and is a certified Church Planter Coach through Fuller Seminary. He is the founder of "Come Alive Coaching," which offers coaching, workshops, practices, and resources to individuals and communities looking to deepen their impact, renew their organization, and develop leaders. As a former college professor and campus pastor, Erik delights in helping young adults (and not-so-young adults) discover their calling and live into their vocational potential. He is a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and has led, consulted, or coached several new ministry starts, networks, and congregational renewal efforts. He also does coaching through Vibrant Faith.

"One of the hallmarks of the Lutheran Bible Institute and Trinity Lutheran College was the opportunity for our students to build real connections and mentoring relationships with faculty and staff. In my time as Campus Pastor and Director of Vocational and Spiritual Formation, this was one of my great joys—walking alongside students as they navigate not just the academics but all the other transitions and opportunities that college opens up. Having this kind of support is far from universal at other colleges and universities, and so coaching gives our Trinity Scholars the ability to build connections with a trained and caring coach. I also experienced at Trinity the extra challenges that students of color and first-generation college students face and how hard it is to navigate the higher education system when you are the first in your family to attend college. I’m honored to continue this longstanding tradition of supporting the next generation of leaders."
Tom Patterson, D. Minn, ACC, Sound Coaching, LLC


Tom Patterson is an ICF credentialed leadership coach, specializing in helping you get a handle on being the leader of your own life -- then translating that clarity into how you engage in the leadership of others. ‍

“Coaching TSP Scholars has been a real joy. It is so refreshing to work with smart, young, forward-looking future servant leaders, and to hear their stories about what has led them to choose the academic tracks they have. There is so much passion in them to make a difference in the world—each in ways that are unique to them. My twenty-plus years of youth ministry have shown me that, while the pressure can be high to go to college, and graduate with some kind of a degree…many people just out of high school really have no idea what they want to do. Once they earn their degree, they often (in my experience) do not end up using it, and go a different route altogether. The TSP Scholars have been different in that respect. While some of them are “fine-tuning” their majors and minors, they have been pretty clear about the direction they are heading, and why, and the coaching process has helped them get even clearer about it. I think it’s so incredibly important to support these students in their efforts to discern their calling as sharply as possible, and not all students have that luxury. I love what this program is doing, and how it is coming alongside those who see their educations as both an experience to savor, and the means by which they can fulfill their vocational hopes.”
Tammy Sargent, FiredUp! Culture


Tammy Sargent is an HR executive and expert with more than 20-years of experience. While actively working as the Director of Human Resources for a top marketing agency, Tammy also provides consulting work with FiredUp! Culture, an organizational and leadership consulting company. ‍

“I can still remember this pivotal point in my life – ‘moving’ away from home and discovering who I am without my parents around. From the day to day of creating routines, paying bills, studying without someone telling me to, and food choices. Then there were the big picture discoveries: my own faith, purpose, and values, ‘what am I going to do when I grow up?’. As I think back on my experience of learning to ‘adult,’ it would have been so valuable to have a coach work with me and walk beside me through this discovery process.‍Coaching the scholars to guide them through individual discovery and life skills development is so valuable. It is what drew me to the Trinity Scholarship Program. The resource of coaching within the program is a blessing and invaluable experience for both the scholars and myself.”
Rosemary Macauley, M. Ed., PCC, In Vision Coaching


Rosemary Macauley has over 30 years of experience working with students as a school counselor/intervention specialist with the Everett, WA School District. She has also worked for many years with special education students. Rosemary focuses on identifying one’s own personal strengths and knowing themselves at the core of their being.

“Coaching the TSP scholars has been one the most delightful, uplifting, and purposeful experiences of my life. Although counseling and coaching have many similarities and transferable skills, they also have fundamental differences. The most salient difference is that one of us has a problem in counseling, and one of us has an answer. In coaching, however, we are in a partnership of equals, working together to improve some aspect of behavior hindering moving forward or clarifying and delineating long and short range goals, and even uncovering deeper issues of life’s purpose and spiritual meaning. The aspect of having spiritual discussions within a coaching framework with these gifted, open-hearted scholars has been humbling, exhilarating, awe-inspiring and reciprocal in energy, respect, and love.”
Dawn Williams, MA, LMFTA, Marriage & Family Therapist Associate


Dawn Williams has over 30-years of business experience in the non-profit sector working with the global humanitarian organization, World Vision. Dawn had been working at World Vision since she was nineteen, started her family while working, and focused on raising her kids and supporting her husband while he served in the Navy. Once her husband was retired, the children were in college, and she began to think about retiring from World Vision, Dawn reimagined her future and her passion for helping couples and families in crisis. During her final years at World Vision, Dawn decided to go to school and get her Bachelors's degree. In the summer of 2021, she graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with her Masters and now works at Integrated Therapy Services, University Place, WA. Dawn is a living example the dynamic journey of vocation and the unique path of finding joy and fulfillment in a career while serving the world to create positive impact.

"As a first gen student, I remember how overwhelming it was navigating the rigors of higher education. I needed so much support to set and accomplish my goals and to graduate on schedule so I could pursue a master’s degree. I will graduate in July 2021. So, I also know that going to school during a global pandemic and seeing constant civil unrest across the country is so stressful, making ordinary tasks more daunting. Coaching allows me to listen, guide and encourage students like me in their studies and goals, and to check on their overall well being. I get to do what others did for me. I am honored to be a part of their village/ community, and to be fully vested in their success. We got this!"