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How do I get copies of my transcripts and/or course catalogs from TLC/LBI?

Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington is the custodian of the TLC/LBI-Seattle student transcripts and course catalogs (those that were available at the time TLC ceased instruction). Please contact the registrar’s office at PLU directly to request transcripts (

I’ve arranged an estate gift for TLC and/or LBI in my will. What will happen to this gift?

Your gift will still be accepted by Trinity Education Foundation. Then we’ll work with you to complete the necessary paperwork to change the name of the organization in your estate documents. You can rest assured that your intent for your gift will be honored through the scholarships we offer. Please contact our executive director, Jenny Lockwald-Stewart, via email at or by calling 425-249-4800. She will contact you within 24 hours.

If I am awarded a scholarship from the foundation, which schools can I apply to?

If you have not already chosen a school, click here for a list of eligible colleges/universities.

Do I have to be a Washington state resident to apply?

No. The only requirement is that you are planning to attend an accredited Christian college/university in the Northwest or a seminary in the United States.

Why do you award scholarships only to students attending faith-based schools?

Trinity Education Foundation is a faith-based organization following in the footsteps of Trinity Lutheran College and Lutheran Bible Institute.We believe in building up the body of Christ and preparing the next generation to advance the faith, as Paul instructed Timothy: “Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct,love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe” (1 Timothy 4:12 NASB). This is why we’re committed to investing in students attending faith-based colleges/universities.

What is the assessment you use and why does it matter?

We use PathwayU as an insightful and practical tool to help our scholars understand four key aspects of themselves: their interests,values, personality,and workplace preferences.The outcomes generated by PathwayU provide a starting point for our coaches to guide the scholars through a process of discerning their unique calling. From there, PathwayU provides a place for students to explore possible career matches, including information on degree requirements, average salaries, required skills, etc. As the student progresses through their college experience, PathwayU also provides job search links that allow the coach and the student to work together on preparing résumés, cover letters, and interview prep.

Are your coaches certified in any manner?

Our coaches are certified through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and adhere to the standards and ethics required for certification. Our coaches must also be established in their faith journey and actively involved in continuing faith development.

What is your approach to understanding vocation and calling?

While there are many approaches to identifying vocation and calling, we draw from the wisdom of those who have studied and researched the Bible on these subjects, including such authors as Parker Palmer,Frederick Buechner, Doug Koskela, and Os Guinness. We come alongside our scholars to help them identify their unique gifts, talents, and passions. They can then craft a journey that will result in a positive influence in the world, service to others in their chosen career/ministry, and joyful fulfillment of who God created them to be.

How can I stay connected?

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And of course, keep checking in here on our website for up-to-date information.

How can I know my gift will be used effectively?

The Trinity Scholars Program uses strict criteria in selecting the students we help. Then we provide professional coaching throughout each student’s college experience, guiding them toward successful completion of their goals with regular check-ins and consistent reporting.

Seminary students are required to provide an essay at the end of each year describing the outcomes of their studies and future plans.

Trinity Education Foundation sets standards for GPA and expectations associated with behavior/character that every scholar must commit to.Lack of compliance can result in the loss of the scholarship awarded.

From an organizational perspective, we are committed to the expectations of ethical and legal compliance associated with a Christian non-profit organization. We are dedicated to transparency and subscribe to the ratings of organizations like Guidestar.

How can I make the Foundation part of my estate plan?

By including the Trinity Education Foundation in your estate plan, you can ensure that deserving students will continue to receive the help they need. You’ll be extending the great legacy of Christian education and service established by the founders of Trinity Lutheran College, Lutheran Bible Institute, and the Foundation itself.

Here are some of the ways you can designate your gift:

  1. A specific bequest of a certain amount or an asset to be distributed to the Foundation after your passing. You can designate an amount, such as $10,000 or $20,000, or the entirety of your estate.
  2. A percentage bequest granting a certain percentage of your estate to the Foundation.
  3. A residual bequest designating the remainder of your estate (or a percentage of the remainder) after you have made other requests.
  4. A contingent bequest naming the Foundation as the recipient if another beneficiary does not survive you.

Remember: Your planned giving should always be prepared with the help of a qualified professional.

Be sure to let us know you’re including the Foundation in your estate plan or if you need help putting a plan in place. Call us at 425-249-4800. Or email us at

How can I donate to Trinity Education Foundation?

The easiest way is to go to our DONATE page. You can even designate the scholarship fund you’d  like to give to.

Of course, you can also send a check  payable to Trinity Education Foundation and mail it to:

215 W. Mukilteo Blvd., Suite 205

Everett, WA 982013

(Please Note: Checks with no specific scholarship noted will be added to the general scholarship fund.)

What are the future plans of Trinity Education Foundation?

Every year a new generation of deserving students arises, many of whom will need the kind of help Trinity Education Foundation provides. The Foundation will continue its mission, offering guidance as well as scholarships in the areas of ministry and pastoral leadership, business leadership, seminary and other fields.

Questions Regarding TLC & LBI

Is my degree affected by the school’s closure?

Your Trinity Lutheran College degree is still valid and recognized as a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college. With your degree, you're main eligible for graduate programs. Lutheran Bible Institute certificates also remain unchanged.

What happened to the TLC students?

Many TLC students transferred to other colleges. The TLC administration worked tirelessly to find transfer opportunities for those who would not graduate by the spring 2016 semester. Faculty met with each student to develop individualized plans. The administration worked with other four-year institutions to reach transfer agreements for qualifying credits.

Why did Trinity Lutheran College close?

Like many smaller private colleges, TLC experienced declining enrollment in recent years, making some tough decisions unavoidable. In early January 2016, the board of directors met to review the financial status of the school. It became clear that the fundraising and recruitment efforts that would be needed to sustain the college were beyond reach. Several options were presented to the board. In the end, a vote was taken and a unanimous decision was made to cease instruction on May 7, 2016. A subsequent announcement letter from the board was sent to faculty, staff and students. These actions did not affect the viability of Trinity Education Foundation, which continues its mission on an expanded basis.